Ewin Handoco, Mastiur Verawaty Silalahi, Mastiur Verawaty Silalahi, Mastiur Verawaty Silalahi


Batu Bara Regency is located on the East Coast of North Sumatra, which borders the Malacca Strait. Gulamah fish (Johnius trachycephalus) so far is only used as salted fish with low economic value. However, recently gulamah fish have high economic value and are hunted for their swimming bubbles to be processed into food ingredients such as soup. In addition to the information obtained from collectors and fishermen, these fish bubbles are also used as material for making operating threads. Morphometric data can provide clear information about the taxonomic status of gulamah fish comprehensively. Bioactive compounds are compounds contained in the bodies of animals and plants. This study aims to obtain the relationship between morphometric results with the swimming bubbles of gulamah fish and to obtain the content of bioactive substances in the swimming bubbles of gulamah fish. The results of the regression analysis and the graph of the relationship between length and weight with the coefficient of determination are R² = 0.8736, meaning that 87.36% of fish weight gain occurs due to the increase in fish length or this shows that the correlation coefficient between the length and weight variables has a strong relationship. The results of phytochemical screening of gulamah fish swimming bubble samples have alkaloids with Bouchardart, Maeyer, Dragendroff and Wagner reagents.


Gulamah Fish, Morphometric, Phytochemical, Malacca Strait

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