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Folktales are the most valuable learning resources and embodied linguistic and cultural usefulness. Through the integration of folktales in reading classes enables students develop their readings skill and enrich their linguistic capabilities, in the same their cultural horizons developed accordingly. The present studies aimed at improving English learners’ reading comprehension through the integration of Indonesian folktales in reading classes. A classroom action research was conducted in two consecutive cyclic learning consisted of four thematic learning sessions. Data required for this study were collected by administering pre test to figure out the initial reflection of the students’ reading comprehension, and a post-test was conducted by the end of each cycle to reveal the improvement of the students’ reading comprehension after the implementation of Indonesian folktales.  A set of questionnaire was also administered to reveal the changing behavior of the English learners after learning reading comprehension through Indonesian folktales. The result of this study revealed that there were significant improvement on the students’ reading comprehension from first learning cycle and second learning cycle. This indicated that the English learners’ reading comprehension could be significantly improved through utilizing Indonesian folktales in English classroom


Indonesian Folktales, Utilizing, Student, Reading, Comprehension

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