ANALISIS UPAYA PENANGANAN KRISIS MELALUI MEDIA RELATIONS (Sutudi Kasus Pada Karamnya Kapal Wisata Ke Pulau Angso Duo Kota Pariman)

Jecki Andre Saputra, Emeraldy Chatra, Asmawi Asmawi


The shipwreck accident in Kota Pariaman has damaged the reputation of tourism in Kota Pariaman. A tourist boat in Pariaman City experienced an incident, namely a shipwreck on its way from Gandoriah Beach to Angso Duo Island on October 26, 2019. This incident occurred in the afternoon which resulted in one critical passenger and another passenger died. According to one of the survivors, the ship sank after being hit by high waves. In addition, the ship is suspected of exceeding capacity. Qualitative descriptive research method is a type of research aimed at describing a phenomenon that occurs without manipulation or engineering so that the data presented is in accordance with the actual conditions. The research was carried out by focusing on the shipwreck that went to the tourist attraction of the island of Angso duo, Pariaman City on October 26, 2019 and using several data collection methods. In handling this crisis, Kota Pariaman Government collaborates with all stakeholders, including the media. After the crisis was resolved, the Pariaman City Government together with the media informed the public about the repairs that had been made and the reopening of the tour boat operations to the island of Angso Duo, Kota Pariaman.


Krisis Melalui Media Relations & Pulau Angso Duo Kota Pariman

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