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Human resources is a fundamental element in every company, foremost in room division at the hotel of  Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran. Many things can impact the human resources necessity such as working load, attendance race, and labour turn over. Therefore human resources need analysis is a must to know how many employees required, and to know if the actual resources match with the total of human resources necessity in a period of time. This study aims to determine the total of human resources necessity in 2017and also to compare the actual and the necessity to know the conformity of the human resources need in room division at Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran hotel. Observation, interview, and literature review is used to collect data on this study, and using linier trend method, meanwhile to know human resources necessity is used workload analysis and workforce analysis. Based on analysis the working load increasing up to 1,03 times from the prefious years 2016,the result also influenced by attendance race and working load in 2016. The workforce analysis determine how many empoyes should in 2017, therefore in some sections are required additional employes which is 3 person at GSC, 4 person at concierge, 1 person at publick area, 2 person at laundry, 2 person at florist, 3 person at recreation , but about 6 pax in other section exceeds the necessity 4 person coming from GSA and 2 person coming from room attendant


Human resources, Human Resources Necessity Analysis, Room

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