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This study aims to examine the presence of acrylamide precursors in food processed at high temperatures. Acrylamide compounds in foods containing the amino acid asparagine and reducing sugars processed at high temperatures have the potential to contain high levels of acrylamide. The beginning of research was carried out to determine the precursor content in the raw material then analyzed the amount of acrylamide with HPLC-RP LC-6A Shimadzu with C18 column and sterile aquabidest  as mobile phase. Optimization conditions were achieved with a column temperature of 35oC, a wavelength of 254 nm and a flow rate of 0.8 mL / minute. The retention time of acrylamide was observed at 3.8 minutes. The food samples tested were banana chips. The results showed that banana chips with a moisture content of 7.74% (w / w) ± 0.01 contained acrylamide 115.5 to 565 µg / kg. Acrylamide levels are influenced by the number of precursors, temperature and duration of food processing.


Asparagin, Gula Reduksi, Akrilamida & HPLC-RP

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