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Bali is a tourist area that is well known both in Indonesia and in the Five Countries. The fragrant name of Bali is a strong attraction for tourists who want to visit Bali and enjoy Bali with its natural and cultural attractions. All districts in Bali have tourist centers both large and small. Starting from the appearance of natural beauty, tradition and culture. All districts have their own peculiarities. Likewise with Karangasem Regency at the East end of the island of Bali. Karangasem Regency has one very unique village, namely Dinas Pertima Village, Karangasem District and its Adat Village called Asak Adat Village. In this article, the writer will present the interesting aspects of Asak Indigenous Village including the origin of the name of Asak Indigenous Village, geographical location, demography, uniqueness, potential and historical heritage of Asak Indigenous Village which can be used as tourist attractions. From each of the sub discussion above, the writer tries to outline in more detail about the intricacies of the Asak Indigenous Village starting from daily life, activities in earning a living, traditional, artistic and religious activities of the Indigenous Asak Village community so that readers can understand and appreciate the desire of the local community to be able to preserve values, customs and religions and traditions that have lasted for generations but can also develop the tourism sector to support the economic resilience of the community and customary institutions in the Asak Adat Village


Desa Adat Asak & Wisata

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