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The opportunities of globalization and the massive development of the information and communication technology sector, the limitations of the state in providing optimal welfare, and the desire of sub-state actors to optimize their resources have become the impetus for sub-state actors to carry out foreign relations as an effort to fulfill sub-national interests. One of the sub-state actors in Indonesia is Kuningan Regency. To obtain foreign sources and attract global attention, Kuningan Regency carried out its regional foreign policy by organizing the Tour de Linggarjati. This study aims to determine the application of the Kuningan Regency Government in using Tour de Linggarjati activities as an instrument for diplomacy to the global public. This study used the qualitative method, the data collected through interviews with several relevant sources and documentation studies. This study found that the Kuningan Regency Government made the Tour de Linggarjati activity to introduce its region to the global public. This activity has also benefited the community in Kuningan Regency. Therefore, explore the tourism industry in Kuningan Regency can be done in a series of Tour de Linggarjati activities.


Paradiplomacy, Sub-State, Kuningan Regency, Tour De Linggarjati, subnational interests

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