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The trend of increasing sales in the bottled drinking water (AMDK) industry in recent years has attracted many companies to enter this industry. The tight competition in the industry requires a company to run its business operations effectively and efficiently, so that organizational goals can be achieved. This study has two objectives, namely (1) to see whether there is a relationship (correlation) between promotional costs and the level of sales of bottled drinking water and (2) to see the development of sales levels in the next three years. The research method uses case studies, data collection by means of observation, interviews and literature study. The data analysis technique uses linear regression and correlation analysis by processing data on promotion and sales costs for 2018-2020. The results showed that there was a significant positive correlation (relationship) between promotion costs and sales levels, this was evidenced by the r value of 0.997. Then, there will be a trend of increasing sales in the next three years (2021-2023). This can be used as a guideline for companies to make the best decisions in order to increase company value.


Marketing Strategy, Promotion Costs, Sales Level, Bottled Water Industry, Organizational Goals

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