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This research aims to find out the extent of the Badung Election Supervisory Body in the implementation of Law Number: 7 of 2017 against the handling of violations in Badung regency. In addition, this research also aims to provide a clear on the types of violations and follow-up of violations committed by the parties. The data collection technique used is with observation and documentation sourced from Premier Badung Election supervisory body data. After the data is collected, data analysis is carried out which includes data reduction, data presentation and data verification. From the results of the research obtained that Badung Election supervisory body in carrying out its duties has been in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations in addition, Election supervisory body has handled administrative violations as many as 12 violations. Of the 12 violations handled by Badung Election supervisory body, all are the result of supervision carried out by Election Supervisory body to its ranks at the level of Polling Station Supervisors. In addition, violations that occur in 2 stages only, namely the stage of preparing voter lists and campaign stages. The conclusion in this study is that the Election Supervisory Agency has carried out its duties and authority in accordance with the law' orders, the types of violations handled are all administrative violations, violations handled are findings and do not receive reports from the public or election participants as mandated by Law No. 7 of 2017 on General Elections.


Implementation, Supervision and Election

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