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This study concerns with discourse analysis on dispute language of sorong serah.  This research consists of three main research questions. The first question was aimed to find out language use in discourse of sorong serah. The second question was aimed to find the general patterns of Sorong serah, and the third is to find out the dominant linguistics and contextual features of sorong serah. Discourse analysis concerns with the study of language use in texts and conversation based on theory proposed by Brown (1983), Mc Carty (1991) and Yule (2006). In addition, this research is also aimed to explain the ethnographic contextual features on ‘SPEAKING’ proposed by Hymes (1974). This research was conducted for several months at Sakra East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The method used in this study is descriptive method. It is used to describe the data being collected on observation, recording, note taking, and interview. The researcher found that the language used in sorong serah is kawi language as the specific language use by pembayun (customarily law doers) in sorong serah events. Sorong serah has three patterns. The first, conversation between juru solo (the delegate) and pembayunpenampi (receiver customarily law doers) to ask preparation and readiness of sorong serah, the second, pembayun penyorong (offerer customarily law doers) and penampi (receiver customarily law doers) to talk about sorong serah and aji krame (sacred norms), and the third, sorong serah aji krame (handover of sacred norms) pembayun penyorong (offerer customarily law doer) and penampi (receiver customarily law doer) where it symbolizes with the properties of sorong serah, and amutus wicara (decision of talks). Moreover the dominant linguistic feature has shown in system of reference and contextual features. System of reference is used to the 1st,2nd, and 3rd personal pronoun in sorong serah events. Contextual features in sorong serah event on SPEAKING Model; Setting refers to time and place, Participants, Ends refers to purpose and the goal of speech, Act Sequences, Key, Instrumentalities, Norms and Genre


Dispute Language, Sorong Serah& Analysis

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33758/mbi.v14i10.564


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