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Besides being useful for meeting various needs, a dam also has a very big potential for danger.  In order to know the impact of the collapse of the Tanju Dam, it is necessary to make an approach through a dam failure analysis or Dam Break analysis. The collapse of the Tanju Dam was simulated by a scenario due to overtopping and piping using the HEC-RAS v.5 application. The maximum possible rainfall or probable maximum precipitation (PMP) by the Hersfield method is 143.16 mm and the maximum design flood discharge or probable maximum flood (PMF) is 485.44 m3 / s. Based on the results of runoff modeling, the collapse of the tanju dam due to overtopping occurred within a period of 4.83 hours with a peak discharge due to the collapse of the dam of 8674.2 m3 / s and with a total inundation area of 703.52 hectares, where for Dompu Regency there are 7 villages affected in total an area of 464.38 ha, while the inundation area of 239.14 hectares in Bima Regency and the time it takes to get to the estuary is 7 hours. Based on the results of modeling runoff due to piping with a peak discharge of 8582.1 m3 / s, the total inundation area is 697.35 hectares, where for Dompu Regency there are 7 affected villages with a total area of 458.90 hectares, while the inundation area is 238.45 ha in Bima Regency.


Tanju Dam, Dam Break, HEC-RAS, Overtopping & Piping

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